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Learn to swim

Questions and answers

E-mail us with the most suitable times & days and we will contact you with options available.

No we do not. In our opinion the value of the social aspect of learning in a group far outweighs what derived from a 1:1 approach. Group learning immolates a natural social learning & provide for a rich & varied learning experience.
We work with 4:1 (4 children/1 instructor) in the Learn to Swim Groups.

It is very difficult to predict. The major factors that will have an impact:

  1. A child attitude towards water (e.g. scared to put their face in water/had a traumatic experience)
  2. Frequency of exposure to water (the more the child has opportunity to swim @ home the quicker they will progress in the water.
  3. How committed you are to bring your child to lessons regularly.

Unfortunately our facility is not suitable to train for competitions; our main focus is on Learn to Swim & Stroke Correction. When the swimmer is ready and interested in squad training we recommend coaches in the area for further development.

Where we can assist we will; but make-up lessons are ONLY for sickness/unforeseen circumstance – NO personal events will be accommodated.

Please e-mail us for the full fee structure.

Fees are payable in advance before the 7th of each month.
EFT or cash – No cheques accepted.

GIRLS: Swimming costume (not a bikini) + swimming cap
BOYS: Swimming costume (preferably not baggy shorts) + swimming cap

Yes if possible, as there are more than 1 instructor in the pool at a time.

In writing or via email. 1 calendar month notice.

Parent/Caregiver & Baby Classes

Questions and answers
More or less from 12 months or as soon as the child can walk because the program we follow focuses on the child who can stand and walk.

We follow the swimming program “Tod Swimming” of Swim South Africa. No child gets thrown in the water or pushed under; it is a process where we lead the child gradually to go under water, turn around and swim back to the side if they accidently fall into the water etc.

No child is water-safe if he/she cannot go underwater without getting upset or choke. It can take a child (18months – 3 years) up to 52 lessons to be water-safe.

No body is ever drown-proof, even the most accomplished swimmer can drown under the right conditions. Supervision is always priority.

Any person whom the child is familiar and at ease with. Apart from mom or dad it can be grandpa/grandma/au pair etc. As long as the person is older than 18 years.

Swimmers Diaper
– Re-usable Nappies available at Dolphin Swim School @ R260
– Disposable swimmer nappies (Little Swimmers)
No Normal Nappies
NO Swimming Caps

Swimming Costume
NO Swimming Caps needed

Please do not feed your child. We prefer you do not feed your child before the swimming lesson; the child gets lifted up during the lesson and turned around which can lead to vomiting. Not only is it unpleasant for the other parents in the class, but it can lead to the child choking.

Our swimming pool is an indoor pool and we keep the water 30 degrees plus. We swim in all weather conditions except lightning.

Adult Aqua Aerobics

Questions and answers
No it is not necessary as we never go under the water but you must feel comfortable to move around in the water without fear.
It is not necessary – only long hair needs to be tied up.

Swimming costume (preferably one piece for more comfort).

Yes most definitely; but we are not qualified to offer rehabilitation and if you need personal assistance in walking/moving in the water the aqua classes are not recommended.

You have to book a specific time slot + day.

No we have a monthly fee structure.
You are more than welcome to do your first class for free if you haven’t done aqua before.

We have a special price for December.

We only have change room facilities – unfortunately no showers.

Phone or email us for more information or contact our Aqua manager.

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